Introduction of Ökokratt

Our vison is to increase the environmental consciousness and sustainable lifestyle of Estonian population, especially children. Knowing the environmental situation of our home places, we are able to preserve Estonia.

To explain the principles of sustainable lifestyle
To bring forth what the human activities cause to environment (causes and effects – everything is connected with everything)

Logo and motto

The motto of Ökokratt is ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF!

The logo consists of an electric bulb that has a fir-tree inside it. The electric bulb symbolizes our fragile environment that is surrounding and protecting us. The fir-tree is the symbol of everything that is alive.

The motto "enlighten yourself" stands for the aim inform people more about the possibilities how to protect the environment and acknowledge about the situation of nature.

NGO Ökokratt is a member of:
Estonian Social Enterprise Network
NGO Ökokratt bears a mark of Volunteer Friend 

By involving volunteers the organization: